Mold Inspections in Madison & Jackson, MS

Mold Inspections in Madison & Jackson, MS

Have you been smelling a musty odor in your home? Was there recently a plumbing leak at your office? Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections, LLC offers mold testing and inspections to determine the air quality in your home. We will take swabs of different areas and have it tested for the presence of mold. We want to be sure your property is safe for your family, pet or employees. Contact Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections, LLC to learn more about mold testing.

5 Signs You Need a Mold Inspection

Most people don’t test for mold until it’s too late. There are various benefits of becoming aware of the presence of mold at your property. You should schedule mold testing if:

1. You are experiencing allergic symptoms
2. You aren’t sure if you see mold
3. You’ve had recent plumbing leaks
4. You require evidence for a mold claim from a tenant or landlord
5. You want to assess your indoor air quality

If you see visible mold, you don’t need to have it tested. You should contact someone who can handle mitigation to solve the problem. Call 662-310-0518 today to schedule a mold inspection in the Madison & Jackson, MS area.