Realtors, We Do Residential Property Inspections

Realtors, We Do Residential Property Inspections

Choose Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections in Madison, MS

Before they make a purchase, homebuyers want assurance that the property they chose is in good condition. A comprehensive home inspection, which can include mold testing and residential thermal imaging, will give them peace of mind.

Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections, LLC conducts residential property inspections in Madison, MS. If you are a Realtor and have a client who is buying a home, you can trust us to conduct a thorough inspection of the property your client wants to purchase.

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Our home inspection process is fast yet thorough

As a Realtor, you’re on a tight schedule. Any delays could push your client’s closing date, causing your homebuyer to lose confidence or their dream home. Rest assured that Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections has your timeline in mind.

Our home inspection process involves:

  • Examining the home: With more than 15 years of experience in home inspections and construction, our home inspectors know what problems to look for.
  • Compiling a report: In about 24 hours, our clients have access to a secure portal to view the home inspection report, photos and descriptions.
  • Providing recommendations: If your homebuyer decides to make repairs based on our home inspection report, we can refer you to trusted professionals.

We understand that making an appointment depends on your client’s schedule, which is why we offer flexible availability.

To learn more about our residential property inspections, call us at 662-310-0518 now.