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Our inspector will get you the information you want

You’ve found the home you’ve always wanted. The seller accepts your offer and everything goes as planned. On moving day, you notice a leak in the attic. Then the dishwasher won’t work. Now, the bedroom light switch doesn’t function. Suddenly, your worst fears are coming true. Why take that risk? Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections, LLC offers residential and commercial property inspections to make sure everything is as it seems when you want to buy or sell a home or office. Our professional inspector will provide you with a detailed report when it comes to:
Residential inspections
Commercial inspections
Mold inspections
We also have access to thermal imaging to make sure there aren’t any underlying problems we can’t see. Call 662-310-0518 today to schedule the home inspection service you require.

Our experience benefits your transaction

In business for four years, the home inspector of Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections, LLC brings 15 years of construction and inspection experience to the industry. A licensed real estate broker, our inspector knows the ins and outs of the business and has always enjoyed finding things that can be made better. His experience in construction and real estate benefits you when you’re looking to buy or sell a home. Learn more about our services by contacting Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections, LLC today.

Have you recently had a water problem?

Are you worried there might be mold in your house? Our mold testing service will determine the air quality in your home or office. Undetected mold can cause allergy symptoms and other problems. If you see mold somewhere, there’s no need for testing. You’ll need to contact someone to mitigate the problem. It’s what you can’t see that we’ll discover. Find out what’s lurking in your home or office by scheduling mold testing in the Madison & Jackson, MS area.

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